Winner of Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2019 announced in Malaysia

Press releases   •   Dec 31, 2019 12:50 +08

JUST ANNOUNCED: The winner of the annual Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2019 in Malaysia

Winner of Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2019 announced in Singapore

Press releases   •   Dec 31, 2019 12:38 +08

JUST ANNOUNCED: The winner of the annual Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2019 in Singapore

Crystal Lim-Lange gets the job done with soft skills interview

News   •   Nov 29, 2019 08:28 +08

Job seekers are frequently told to stay relevant by updating their soft skills. But what about employers? Our shortlisted candidate of the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2019 in the Best Broadcast Awards this week appeared on CNA938 to talk about the top recruitment mistakes to avoid.

Carolyn Lam and Lim Seow Hui win listeners' hearts with radio interview

News   •   Nov 21, 2019 15:00 +08

Medtech startup beat almost 2,400 others from more than 120 countries to win the startup pitching competition SLINGSHOT at the Singapore Fintech Festival last week - and their pitching skills weren't just confined to the event.

Joachim Sebastian expertly sells his message of selling online

News   •   Nov 11, 2019 11:00 +08

Business has moved on to B2B eCommerce and to mobile commerce, but when it comes to getting your message across, some things just never change.

Agatha Yap in supersize media performance

News   •   Nov 11, 2019 10:47 +08

You would think that an interview with McDonald's would be a fairly lighthearted and easy-going affair. But Agatha Yap certainly got some upsized questions when she appeared in an interview on Money FM 89.3.

2020 Foresight: New threats make crises inevitable

Blog posts   •   Nov 11, 2019 07:35 +08

Seriously now, how many companies understand the new risks they face, much less how to communicate when crisis strikes? In the 2020s, all companies will be at risk, not just oil and gas, transport, food and pharmaceuticals. Companies which are not naturally exposed have a massive blind spot to these.

Rakesh keeps his finger on the pulse in radio interview

News   •   Nov 06, 2019 07:30 +08

A recent survey by PayPal shows fewer than 10% of respondents see cash as their preferred mode of payment when using government e-services. Our shortlisted candidate for Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2019 talked about going cashless - and in the process showed off his media interview skills.

Surina Shukri steers the interview from the back seat of a Mercedes E-Class

News   •   Nov 06, 2019 07:20 +08

When you take part in a feature interview, it’s easy to be lulled into thinking it will be a breeze. After all, how difficult can the questions be in a personality profile? But as our Best Broadcast Interview nomination this week shows, they are sometimes the toughest.

2020 Foresight: The rise of Megadata

Blog posts   •   Nov 04, 2019 07:35 +08

If the 2010s were the decade of cloud computing and big data, the 2020s will see a torrential downpour. But big data is worth little if you can’t derive business outcomes from it. Therefore, how that data is presented also has to evolve.

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