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Launch program for HBM open house revealed


Click on the link below to let us know you're coming for our open house! We are expecting a large crowd, so registration is essential.
138 Robinson Road #21-02 Oxley Tower Lobby 1

We are thrilled to be launching the new HBM Integrated Communications Centre - incorporating a purpose-built green screen TV studio and training facility! 

It features: 

  1. BIGGER STUDIO - our green screen will now be a massive 7m x 5m
  2. LIVE SHOT of the Singapore skyline that's to die for! 
  3. DESIGNED for webcast and broadcast; 
  4. WHEELCHAIR accessible; 
  5. HOURLY PARKING in the building. 

During the day-long celebrations we welcome you to drop by at any time between 9am and 9pm and witness LIVE streamed interviews on the hour (subject to further updates), or watch the webcasts on the HBM YouTube channel

10:00 - Announcement of the winner of the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2018. We reveal the winners of the Best Broadcast Interview, Best Online Interview and Best Conference Presentation in Singapore. 

12:00 - Engaging a speaker: Should you go for safe or controversial? ANDREW VINE, CEO of The Insight Bureau shares with us the changing trends in what audiences want from guest speakers. 

13:00 - PRCA is now live in Southeast Asia. Director-General FRANCIS INGHAM explains his vision for the PR and Communications Association, which launched in Singapore recently, and what's in it for Communications Directors. 

14:00 - The changing face of China's media in 2019. If you interact with the media in China, you can't afford to miss this live Q&A with our Shanghai-based partner CAROL LIN. She elaborates on three trends all Communications Directors must know about. 

15:00 - The Singapore media landscape in 2019. Job cuts and restructuring at Singapore's biggest media companies mean an ever increasing number of PR agencies are pitching to fewer and fewer journalists. The Splice Newsroom's ALAN SOON and Content Asia's JANINE STEIN share what the future holds, and what this means for Communications Directors. 

17:00 - "Did you know you were being streamed live just now?" The prevalence of live webcasting apps means you are more likely than ever to have your conference presentation, or even just coffee shop chat, streamed live on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. What can you do about it? RUTH NG, Senior Associate at Taylor Vinters Via LLC shares her insights.


  • Launch of "Video Savvy - Express course for marketers producing video" on the online learning platform Udemy.
  • Change the pitch! If you are pitching for Series B funding, your approach to institutional investors will have to change in 2019.
    • Guest: HBM Director and former SGX CFO Robert van Zwieten.
  • Watch out for weak signals! Anticipating what's coming up beyond the horizon is not only good for business, it also helps in identifying potential sources of crises.
    • Guest: HBM partner in crisis comms and former SMRT Comms VP Patrick Nathan.

Drop by for just a few minutes, or stay as long as you like between 9am and 9pm! 

Please register for FREE at the link below.

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