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What Journalists Must Know About Marketing & Entrepreneurship


This is a media preview event for the Asia Marketing Forum 2018: Marketpreneurship: Convergence of Marketing & Entrepreneurship in Asia
51 Anson Road, #03-53 Anson Centre, Singapore 079904

No matter what business you are in, or what business you want to start, there's one skill many entrepreneurs overlook - Marketing. The fact is, it doesn't matter how good you are at your job, if you can't market yourself, you can't earn a living.

That's as true for journalists and lawyers as it is for manufacturers and retailers.

In this complimentary talk, ex-Yahoo Managing Editor Alan Soon and ex-CNBC anchor Mark Laudi share their experiences in moving out from an editorial environment into a commercial one, reveal their key learnings, and help journalists gain insights into "Marketpreneurship".

Key Take-Aways

  • Identifying problems, validating them, creating solutions of value
  • Understanding costs, revenue and partnerships
  • What you must know about "Marketpreneurship" (mixing of marketing skillset and entrepreneurial spirit)
  • Building resilience - filter "noise" and negativity

Who Should Attend

All journalists, bloggers and any PR professionals who are keen to learn how marketing & entrepreneurship can elevate their careers.

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