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When is it ever okay to leverage a crisis for marketing?

News   •   Jun 14, 2017 08:34 +08

Good opportunity? Or opportunist? We will discuss and debate when - if at all - it's okay to leverage a crisis for marketing.

Good afternoon!

We are debating this topic at the next APACD event at our Kuala Lumpur studio, and I hope you can join us there. Just a few seats left. Sign up here:

One guerilla marketing tactic is to create communications campaigns that tap into contemporary issues. The idea is to benefit from instant awareness.

But all too often, companies end up apologising for shameless profiteering from the misfortune of others.

So, where do you draw the line between a campaign that is topical and relevant, and one that is in bad taste?

I look forward to - hopefully - seeing you next week. Please be sure to register using the link above.



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