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Screenshot of ContactsBook.Media, the latest service from Hong Bao Media
Screenshot of ContactsBook.Media, the latest service from Hong Bao Media

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Hong Bao Media introduces ContactsBook.Media

In the past, we have trained your spokespeople for media appearances. we are now offering to promote them to the media as well.

Introducing ContactsBook.Media

ContactsBook.Media is a directory of expert speakers for journalists, podcasters and bloggers. It matches media requests to qualified spokespeople using two separate search bars:

1. Questions – Journalists send questions once for a specific area of expertise. All experts who match that area of expertise receive the questions. Our aim is for the journalist to receive a response from you as soon as possible, to meet their deadline.

2. Interview invitations – Journalists send interview invitations, seeking specific spokespeople or those with specific areas of expertise, locations, or media.

Your role

Critically, journalists are never put in touch with your spokespeople directly. When a reporter sends questions or interview invitations, only you receive the email request.

As the contact manager, you can then liaise between the journalist and your spokesperson, draft email responses to the journalist’s questions, offer an alternative spokesperson, or decline altogether.

ContactsBook.Media is a free, value-added service for our media training clients.

Next steps

We are pleased to invite you to take part in our beta launch.

All you need to do is say ‘yes’, and we will:

1. Issue you with a login and password to ContactsBook.Media using your email address (where you will receive alerts when a journalist’s query comes in)

2. Invite you to walk through the portal with Mark, to show you the functionality. During the walk-through we will list/de-list spokespeople under your care. We have pre-populated your profile with some of the spokespeople Mark has trained. You can book your preferred time and platform for the walk-through here:

We look forward to hearing from you.

FAQ – Other questions you may have:

1. Is there a fee? – No, ContactsBook.Media is free for our media training clients

2. Can I decide which spokespeople to list in ContactsBook.Media – Yes, who you nominate as spokesperson is entirely within your control. Of course, we recommend you put forward all spokespeople who have gone through Mark’s workshop, and whose media licenses are up to date.

3. Am I obliged to accept media invitations or respond to emailed questions? – No, you still have full control over all media requests, just as when journalists contact you directly. ContactsBook.Media is just another channel to promote your company to the media. All we ask is when you receive a media request you respond promptly.

4. What if I miss an interview request? – You can track all requests through your account. But we will also be monitoring all requests and alert you by WhatsApp, email or phone call to ensure you do not miss any.

5. Who are the journalists? – After you have added your spokespeople and we have built out a critical mass in our database we will start promoting ContactsBook.Media to journalists from Tier 1 mass media, all the way through trade publications to bloggers and podcasters.

6. What if a spokesperson leaves my company? – You can add and remove spokespeople at any time.

7. What if I leave my company? – You can transfer your spokespeople to other members of your team, or your successor.



Press contacts

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Mark Laudi

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