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I got caught. And you will, too.

Blog post   •   Jan 15, 2018 09:10 +08

Left: Screenshot of the video one of our media training participants recorded surreptitiously; right: the Fujitsu NX600 camera as displayed in the Cathay Pacific duty free catalogue

During our media training workshops I always highlight the need to be vigilant about cameras recording your every move when you don't expect it. Now the joke is on me.

Recently, one of my participants used his smart phone to record more than an hour of the workshop, including his colleagues' on-camera performances and my feedback.

I didn't realise it until he sent me a Dropbox link to the video later.

It highlights the point I always underscore in the all-media coaching we provide: that "media everywhere" means you never know when you're being recorded.

For example, conference presentations. The cameras at the back of the plenary hall are probably not only projecting your face on the big screens astride the stage, but recording and even streaming live on YouTube or Facebook. These are not traditional media environments, but it's not much different from live television.

But it goes much further. Recently, I bought a Fujitsu NX600 camera. At 160mm x 90mm x 60mm and 200g, it fits in the palm of your hand. But what makes it so remarkable is that it connects directly to Wi-Fi without having to go through a computer. And it streams live 360-degree video to YouTube! And I bought it from a Cathay Pacific flight from the duty free catalogue for US$160!

If Shakespeare was alive today he would say "all the world's a television camera".

So, be warned. It's not a matter of 'if' you'll be caught unawares, but 'when'.

PS: As for recording our workshops, our core curriculum is constantly updated and always customised to the company and the participants, so recording it isn't much use to anyone else. But I would say the other participants in the workshop might not appreciate having their practise presentations and feedback distributed for all to see.

So, if you are the one doing the recording, it is an important courtesy (and in some countries, the law) to advise people around you that you are recording them.

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