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8 reasons why people send nominations for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards

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8 reasons why people send nominations for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards

Everybody secretly wants to win an award because it is an inexpensive and practical way to gain recognition, increase visibility for you and your work, and boost your confidence. It can also be a crucial way to expand your professional network and develop relationships with other people in your industry.

Here are the top 8 reasons why people send nominations for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards

1. Media exposure and publicity

Winning awards often generates media coverage and publicity which can provide opportunities for you to share your story, vision, and industry expertise with a broader audience. Media exposure can elevate your personal brand, raise your company's profile, and attract attention from potential clients, partners, or customers.

2. Communication skills

It takes skill to communicate effectively, clearly, and appropriately. By nomination for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards, you have the chance to demonstrate to the entire world how amazing and effective your communication abilities are.

3. Recognition and prestige

Winning awards as a leader provides recognition and prestige for your leadership skills, strategic vision, and ability to drive success within your organization. It distinguishes you as an exceptional leader and highlights your contributions to the industry or community. This recognition can enhance your personal brand, reputation, and influence.

4. Monetize your success

Winning an award can also provide financial rewards by allowing you to charge higher rates for your services or products. Awards can also lead to new business opportunities, such as speaking invitations or consulting assignments.

5. Investor and stakeholder confidence

Awards can instil confidence in investors, shareholders, and stakeholders. They serve as external validation of your leadership capabilities and the performance of your organization. Winning awards can help businesses build trust, gain new investors, and develop relationships with current stakeholders.

6. Attracting top talent

Awards can be powerful tools for attracting top talent to your company. It demonstrates that your organization is run by a successful leader who has been recognized for his accomplishments. Potential employees may be more inclined to join a company with an award-winning leader, as it signals a strong leadership culture and potential for career growth.

7. Career advancement

Winning an award or even being nominated can have a positive impact on your career. Awards serve as external validation of your skills, expertise, and achievements, which can enhance your professional reputation.

8. Inspire and influence

Winning awards can inspire and influence others in the field. Your accomplishments can inspire others to strive for excellence and make a difference in their own professions.

We launched the Media Savvy Awards in 2018 to recognize local business leaders for their communications skills, and to showcase authentic and credible home-grown communicators.

Past winners of the awards have included CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes, CEO of Ninja Van Lai Chang-Wen, Group CEO of NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited Seah Kian Peng, and founder of Awfully Chocolate Lyn Lee.

Supported by the Asia Pacific Association of Communications Directors (APACD) and the Public Relations And Communications Association APAC (PRCA APAC)- we highlight shining examples for other local business leaders to follow, and to build a culture of excellence in communication, to maximize the potential of Asian companies in the Asian Century.

If you know any business leader who has performed impressively in a recent media interview, you can nominate them for this year’s awards at:

Nominations will close on September 15.




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