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HBM launches blended learning express course for marketers producing video

Press release -

HBM launches blended learning express course for marketers producing video


SINGAPORE/KUALA LUMPUR - Friday, November 23, 2018 – Hong Bao Media (HBM) is delighted to launch "Video Savvy – Express course for marketers producing video", a blended learning course for the marketing community to help them cut time and cost when producing video content.

Virtually every marketer and communications director is considering video to achieve their KPIs, ranging from raising awareness and maximising events, to generating leads and engaging with customers and staff.

But these projects often take more time and more money than originally planned.

To help marketers get up to speed quickly, HBM has created a blended learning course called "Video Savvy – Express course for marketers producing video", consisting of:

  1. A series of short video lectures, each of an average 5 minutes duration.
  2. A quiz at the end of each lecture, with an average of 5 questions.
  3. An online study guide, to apply the course materials and prepare for their next production.
  4. Participants in Singapore and Malaysia can sign up for HBM’s in-house hands-on course that will cover topics from pre-production to post-production and distribution. Participants will also get a chance to put their new skills into action and produce a real-life marketing program at the end of the course!

Participants can access the first three elements through online learning platform Udemy, and be reimbursed when they sign up for the fourth element, being the in-studio Video Savvy course. The 2-day course is presented by Mark Laudi, former CNBC anchor, and founder and CEO of Hong Bao Media, together with Thomas Murrell, former radio and television presenter, international business speaker, and content producer..

"If you are a member of a marketing team tasked with producing content marketing videos or video blogs in-house, this course helps you save a lot of headaches,” said Laudi.

"Chances are, you might have already had some bad experiences, which resulted in the production overrunning in cost or time, or you just don't know where to start.”

"We have compiled all our learnings in this course, 'Video Savvy – Express course for marketers producing video'. By learning from the experience of other marketers in Southeast Asia, you are on the fast-track to producing video content regularly, and without fuss.”

"Get more likes, shares and comments, have your videos approved by management faster, and enjoy producing them in-house.”

"Whether you are engaging an external video production company or not, this course puts you on the fast-lane to a smooth production delivered on-time and on-budget.”

"Camera and editing equipment have become more affordable and easier to use. But if you outsource your video production, you have to know what's going on and be able to hold your own in discussions with the vendors."

Some companies have brought content production in-house.

"You still need the skills to use them, and to distinguish between amateur and professional content," added Laudi.

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Hong Bao Media provides media solutions for corporate and government clients in the Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Our three core businesses are:

  1. Media skills and executive presence training and coaching for senior business leaders
  2. Live webcast production from our green screen studios, or on-location
  3. Active investments in a portfolio of blockchain and fintech start-ups

We operate two Integrated Communications facilities, one in Singapore's Central Business District and another in Kuala Lumpur's Central Business District. These consist of green screen television studios for on-camera recordings and webcasts, adjoining training facilities for small groups of senior executives.

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Mark Laudi

Mark Laudi

Press contact Managing Director (+65) 6223 2249

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