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Hong Bao Media launches "Media Savvy" YouTube series to help executives perform better in media interviews

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Hong Bao Media launches "Media Savvy" YouTube series to help executives perform better in media interviews

Hong Bao Media has officially launched 'Media Savvy', a video series to help senior corporate executives and government officials in Asia better understand the evolving media landscape and their role in it.

Presented by former CNBC anchor Mark Laudi, the initial series consists of titles ranging from "How to present webinars, so you make the most of them" to "Why you should never script your earnings call" and "Is there such a thing as being too polished?"

Each episode is 2 to 10 minutes in duration and easy to watch, as Mark takes viewers behind the scenes of contemporary issues and examples.

"Our vision is for C-suite executives in Asia - and in particular Singapore - to become as media savvy as their Western counterparts," explained Mark, who is also Managing Director of Hong Bao Media.

The media landscape has changed dramatically over the past ten years, and executives and government officials can no longer rely on the old media system.

The advent of new media means that executives and officials could find themselves being recorded on-camera when they least expect it. Even private seminar presentations and conference keynotes can go around the world on YouTube, as US presidential candidate Mitt Romney discovered with his so-called "47 per cent" comments as long ago as 2012. These effectively spelled the end of his campaign.

Recent crises at Volkswagen and Malaysia Airlines, and the rambunctious nomination process for the US Republican presidential candidate, bring up fresh examples almost daily which executives can learn from.

"It's no wonder many executives would rather not appear in the media than risk saying something wrong on camera," Laudi said.

"But in the process, they starve themselves and their brands of oxygen.

"In an environment where content marketing has overtaken advertising in audience attention and credibility, executives have no option but to be out there showcasing their expertise.

"Your investors, your customers and your staff want to hear from you."

'Media Savvy' aims to get corporate executives and government officials thinking about their own media strategies and presentation skills.

"We want to dispel the myth that Western multinationals are somehow better than Asian ones," Laudi continued.

"There is also zero evidence that Westerners automatically make better presenters than Asians, or that Asians are simply too humble and reserved to perform well in the media."

For this reason, 'Media Savvy' also features guest appearances from top Singapore corporate leaders, who share how they developed their passion for communicating, and how they acquired their excellent communications skills.

These include:

  • Tan Tong Hai, CEO, StarHub
  • Jessica Tan, Managing Director, Microsoft Singapore and MP for East Coast GRC
  • Peter Choo, Vice Chairman, CNMC Goldmine Holdings
  • Kenny Yap, CEO, Qian Hu Corporation

"The one thing that consistently sets Western and Asian multinationals apart is their passion for communication. Tactical skills can be learnt and mastered through practise. But it all starts with becoming more media savvy," Laudi concluded.

Watch the series by clicking on the link under "Resource Links" below.

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