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Presentation training at Hong Bao Media's Integrated Communications Centre in Singapore
Presentation training at Hong Bao Media's Integrated Communications Centre in Singapore

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After being media trained, how do you know if you are actually ready to face the media?

It sounds obvious, but after you attend a media training course, you should be ready to face the media, right?

The easiest way to test this is by recording a public-facing interview during the workshop. Are you truly ready?

Now, ordinarily the videos we record during our media training and executive presence workshops are not for public consumption. You wouldn't expect a practise video to be published to YouTube. In a private video you have the space to make mistakes, to try new ways of presenting or answering particular questions, and just to get used to the bright lights and the camera.

But if, by the end of the workshop, you are still hesitant about whether you are ready for going on-air, you need to ask yourself whether you need more practise, or a whole new approach to training.

Which is why we now offer our media training and executive presence clients the opportunity to record a short video which they can actually publish on their LinkedIn or Facebook profile, or their YouTube channel.

After all, if you have already traveled to our Integrated Communications Centre in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur - which consists of a training facility and green screen studio - it's a great opportunity to record an additional short clip that you can actually use.

Like SGTech did, when they launched their new re-branded website (click on the screen capture below to go there). The former Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) placed the short profile videos on their home page and YouTube channel after a communications briefing at our studio.

Screen shot of the SGTech website, showing the video recorded on the home page

In conclusion, if you are a Senior Business Leader, you may never go out of your way to record a LinkedIn profile video. Nor are you usually offered a publishable video at the conclusion of a media training or executive presence workshop. But by combining the two, we offer you both, and you can see that you are truly ready to face the media.

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