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VIDEO: Do more with your CliftonStrengths report

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VIDEO: Do more with your CliftonStrengths report

You've taken the CliftonStrengths assessment, and you're convinced of its benefits for personal development and career guidance.

Perhaps you took the assessment as part of a team building exercise arranged by your Human Resources or Learning & Development department.

But often it stops there. The report is used once, and unless participants take the initiative to refer to it again, it's frequently forgotten.

Now do more with it by learning to apply your talents to public speaking, and playing to your strengths when taking part in media interviews.

Here's a fresh way to use your existing CliftonStrengths 34 report.

Did you know you can use it to brush up your presentation skills and on-camera performances. By playing to your strengths, you never have to step outside your comfort zone again when speaking to a live or virtual audience.

Benefits of our CliftonStrengths focused communications coaching:

  • Overcome stage fright by first understanding why you suffer it (there are 12 different reasons!)
  • Prepare in a way that works best for you
  • Convince your audience to act, interact or transact - even if you are a more reserved personality and you shun the limelight 
  • Relate authentically to audiences - you don't have to pretend to be someone you're not
  • Respond comfortably to difficult questions
  • Influence and persuade your audience of your message
  • Spur your audience to like, comment on, or share your presentation to their networks

Watch our principal coach Mark Laudi explain how in the video below, then use the Related Links to book your preferred communications coaching date, or to find out more about the curriculum.

New to CliftonStrengths? Check out the official Gallup website below.

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