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Hong Bao Media now distributes business video content through Dianomi network

News   •   Apr 01, 2016 09:33 +08

Hong Bao Media (HBM) is pleased to announce we have joined the Dianomi network, thereby extending the reach we can provide to our corporate news production customers.

Our clients are increasingly asking us: if we produce a corporate news program, or series of programs, how are they going to reach our target audience?

This is exactly the right question to ask, because producing a program is only half the equation.

However, the answer to this question frequently confounds clients, because there are so many channels to choose from. Owned media is the obvious choice, because these are the channels the client has full control over, such as their YouTube channel or LinkedIn page. But it is difficult not to come off pitchy.

Earned is the most valuable, because of the credibility that coverage in the local newspaper, television station or other websites bestows. But it is also the hardest to achieve, because you have to persuade a journalist to write about you.

The conventional wisdom, therefore, is that you have to promote your content in order to reach beyond your owned sites, and put it on the radar of journalists to write about.

And that's where sites such as Dianomi, Outbrain and Revcontent come in.

We have been working with Outbrain for some time, and adding Dianomi to our range of capabilities is a boon for our clients looking to target a sophisticated business audience.

It has space on more than 100 premium financial websites including The London Stock Exchange, The Guardian, Bloomberg, Reuters, Nasdaq and Business Insider.

To reach your audience through these sites you need sophisticated business content, and that's where HBM's capabilities in editorial, presentation and presentation training for new media become mission critical.

Companies which use Dianomi include HSBC, DBS, IG Markets, ING, National Australia Bank, Aberdeen Asset Management, Saxo and UBS.

Dianomi was founded in the UK in 2003 and serves more 1.5 billion ads per month worldwide.

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