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TEDxTalk provides infinite opportunity for John-Son Oei

News   •   Sep 06, 2018 08:03 +08

Each week until October 31, 2018, we are shortlisting a local corporate figure from Singapore and Malaysia who has demonstrated excellence in a media appearance, in the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2018.

We all love presentations that are engaging, relatable and with as few words on slides as possible. But in order to achieve that within the TED-mandated time limit is challenging.

Founder and Group CEO of EPIC Collective, John-Son Oei gave an impressive presentation on "Infinite Opportunities" at a TEDxTARUC event organised by Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, and makes our shortlist for Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2018 this week.

Oei seamlessly attains, retains and regains the attention of his audience of students by using communication techniques every senior business leader should possess. 

His confidence - not reading a script, good posture and strong eye contact with his audience - are additional tips for any CEO who appears in the media.

I am shortlisting Oei for the Best Conference Presentation category of the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2018 this week for these three reasons (continues below):


The Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2018 resumes with our second round of nominations. At the same time, Hong Bao Media has launched the awards in Malaysia and fine-tuned the categories to:

  • Best Broadcast Interview
  • Best Online Interview, in association with Shootsta
  • Best Conference Presentation
  • Best Live Webcast

We launched the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards to recognise senior local leaders for their communications skills, and to showcase authentic and credible home-grown communicators.

These are shining examples for other local business leaders, and to build a culture of excellence in communication, to maximise the potential of Asian companies in the Asian Century.

Each week until October 31, 2018, we are shortlisting a local corporate figure who has demonstrated excellence in a media appearance for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2018.

Click on the link below to enter yourself or another Senior Business Leader.


  1. Rhetorical questions - "How do we actually turn problems into opportunities?", "What does an opportunity look like?" and "What goes through your head?" are several questions Oei asked without actually expecting a response. As he mentioned earlier in his presentation, his audience came despite the event being held on a weekend morning. Therefore, keeping his audience engaged was vital.
  2. Stories and examples - What's even more appealing to his audience of students were his visual examples. He provided several images on screen to illustrate his point. In addition, he shared personal stories of his brothers, and challenges that he faced during his experience building homes.
  3. Statistics - 120 homes, 10 villages, 5,000 volunteers, 55 countries - these numbers substantiated his point and built his credibility. He also contextualised numbers, for example by saying "There are 12,000 orang asli families, this make up about 82% of all orang asli people". Contextualising numbers helps the audience visualise abstract numbers.

By shortlisting John-Son Oei, we want to demonstrate skills all local senior business can tap to become more media savvy.

If you know a senior local business leader who performs well in the categories mentioned above, click on the link below to nominate them.

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