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Screenshot from CNA interview
Screenshot from CNA interview

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Eric Chua nails YouthTech interview with conviction

We rarely nominate politicians to these awards, to avoid any allegations of bias.

But we can't help but nominate Eric Chua, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, who displays excellent presentation skills, in an interview about an initiative to help young people during this pandemic.

Not least of these is the conviction with which he speaks.

Read on for my assessment below.


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Here are the things I liked about the interview:

  • Repeating his points

Chua repeated his points during the interview. He first mentioned the YouthTech programme at the 20-second mark. He said it, then asked a question, “Now, what is the YouthTech program?” before answering it himself.

We could debate whether you should ask such questions rhetorically. Some audience members may not like it. But it certainly works to drive home the name of the program.

He did it again at 1:18 during the interview, when he mentioned a website address and repeated it, and even spelt it out to avoid ambiguity. And we got it -

By repeating his points, Chua is helping viewers remember his main points.

  • Expressive Language

Chua uses expressive language to describe situations or ideas that he’s trying to put across.

He deftly framed the dialogue in terms of “government-to-people conversations”, saying there was also a need for “people-to-people conversations.”

When referring to the people who prefer to stay on the sidelines of the national conversation, Chua said at 4:44, “my pitch to these folks is…”.

Such conversational phrases come off as personable and expressive. We probably have Barack Obama to thank for adding the words "these folks" to the presenter's vocabulary.

  • Numbers

Chua does not overload the viewer with numbers, but he does mention that the YouthTech programme aims to train 1,000 youths with digital skills so they can help their communities become more digital. While more statistics certainly help media presenters substantiate their points, a balance between too many and too few is best.

  • Conviction

As I've mentioned, above all, Chua speaks with conviction. It comes through in his voice, his choice of words, his gestures and his facial expressions. He looks directly at the camera, which is also a skill when you're just gazing into a webcam. Most people's eyes drift to the screen showing themselves or their slides.

If you know Eric Chua, share this article with him and congratulate him on being nominated for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2020.

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