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Hong Bao Media responds to pressing market demand with ‘Greenwash-proof your Sustainability Communications’ advisory course

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Hong Bao Media responds to pressing market demand with ‘Greenwash-proof your Sustainability Communications’ advisory course

SINGAPORE/SAN DIEGO – Saturday, February 11, 2023 – Organisations can now ensure their sustainability initiatives are not vulnerable to embarrassing allegations of greenwashing, through Hong Bao Media’s new sustainability communications advisory service.

The ‘Greenwash-proof your Sustainability Communications’ program helps organisations sharpen the way they publicise their sustainability initiatives, as investors, regulators, NGOs and the media subject them to intense scrutiny for greenwashing.

In partnership with San Diego-based Beyond3020, Inc., Senior Leadership Teams and Boards of Directors receive an audit of their existing Sustainability Report, along with guidance on reframing their disclosures where necessary. The outcome is a solid way of communicating demonstrated and quantified sustainability initiatives that meet the United Nations’ requirements for “demonstrated integrity, radical transparency and third-party accountability”.

“Many of our media training participants already seek to communicate their sustainability initiatives. Our new service offering aims to sharpen these messages to ensure they withstand legitimate scrutiny from all stakeholders,” says Mark Laudi, Managing Director of Hong Bao Media.

“Our work in SDG implementations includes conducting forensic analysis of sustainability reports for signs of greenwashing, relentlessly editing them, and closing the gaps for process improvements where possible” added Dr. Brooke Newman, CEO of Before3020, Inc., a Public Benefit Corporation.

“This course offering is best compared to a corporate sustainability “hackathon”; we find the vulnerabilities in the sustainability efforts and communications to save you from embarrassing and potentially costly allegations of greenwashing”, noted Robert van Zwieten, Before3020, Inc.’s fractional COO/CFO, and a Board member of Hong Bao Media.

“The need to sharpen communications around sustainability initiatives is acute. Investors are increasingly jaded, as an un-standardised mishmash of disclosures and analyst commentary do more to obfuscate than to clarify.

“Organisations that greenwash-proof their sustainability communications can gain a significant competitive advantage over those that continue with qualitative feel-good messages that do little to fight climate change and risk public censure,” Laudi concluded.


Join the free 60-minute preview and Q&A for our newly launched “How to greenwash-proof your Sustainability Communications” advisory service taking place on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 from 13:30 Singapore time.

The Sustainability Communications advisory service helps companies to stay clear of greenwashing and to effectively communicate its commitments and contributions to stakeholders. It combines an expert forensic review of a company’s Sustainability Report, messaging guidance as well as communications skills coaching for senior management.

Register here:


Mark Laudi is the CEO of Hong Bao Media, a Singapore- and Kuala Lumpur-based media and communications coaching consultancy.

Dr. Brooke Newman is the CEO and Founder of Before3020, Inc., a new-generation full-service B2B organization of change-makers who helpgenerate companies' social and financial returns through UN SDG implementation engagements.

Robert van Zwieten is a former CFO of the Singapore Exchange. Among other roles he is Before3020, Inc.’s fractional COO/CFO, and a Board member of Hong Bao Media.

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Mark Laudi

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