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The Puzzling Game of Personal Publicity

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The Puzzling Game of Personal Publicity

Media entrepreneur Ted Turner famously said, “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.”

Every business needs publicity, especially if you are at the core of it. The problem for many subject matter experts is they can’t pursue it without some limitation.

There are often budgetary reasons preventing them from going all out with an advertising or PR campaign.

There could be ethical reasons, which means that people in their profession are simply not permitted to advertise using traditional channels.

So how do you get the necessary sunlight to allow your personal or business fortunes to grow while overcoming some of these limitations?

Here are some options:

A. Go to your communications department and ask them to put you out there more.

More often than not, the communications professional will then ask you why, and with what message? They frequently report that they receive requests to “do some PR” around something as simple as a conference appearance. This is unlikely to lead to success.

Your message would, of course, be put under immense scrutiny to follow the company line.

B. Post about it on your personal LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn is an active social networking platform for corporates.

While it may be a great place for sharing, you only ever talk to people already who are somewhere in your network, as first-, second- or third-level contacts.

In the oversaturated market of LinkedIn thought leaders, you’re really just playing in the same space everybody else is.

C. Approach a PR firm to get your name and message out there.

PR companies are happy to promote their clients as experts. Their expertise in crafting compelling narratives and building relationships with journalists makes them invaluable allies in the quest for publicity.

But PR firms don’t come cheap, and usually work on large corporate accounts with multiple spokespeople.

D. Become a social media star.

TikTok and Instagram are full of people talking about themselves, but success is elusive for many. Either no one watches it, or it goes the other way, and the publicity goes viral for the wrong reasons.

Personal brand building takes more time and effort than most busy professionals have.

That's where ContactsBook.Asia comes in. When you want to do more than post on LinkedIn but less than hiring a PR firm. Become the go-to person in your domain, build your credibility, open new doors for your business, or your career.

Choose from three packages to suit how bright you want the limelight to shine.

1. Visibility – to be available to reporters when they need an interview guest, and promote content you already produce

2. Proficiency – All the benefits of Visibility, but we produce the content for you

3. Advocacy – All the benefits of Proficiency, but we produce even more content for you, and ensure it finds ready audiences beyond your existing networks by syndicating it through more than 225 premium business and financial news platforms.

It takes time and effort to build your personal brand and profile – more than you probably have.

We can take the heavy lifting for you so you achieve greater results than on LinkedIn alone, without hiring your own spin doctors.

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