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HBM relaunches video series featuring street smart business advice

News   •   Apr 04, 2016 09:30 +08

Hong Bao Media is pleased to release its revamped episodes in its "Simon Says" series of street smart business advice, featuring well-known BBC commentator Simon Littlewood.

On "Simon Says", Littlewood dispenses with political correctness and generic and superficial dos and dont's. He cuts through the management jargon and provides hands-on advice in a clear and direct way, backed up by facts and real world experience.

"When Mark at Hong Bao Media and I conceived of the series, we wanted to get away from the "business school" approach, which tends to be too theory based and not sufficiently in touch with the real world," said Littlewood.

"Business people are far too busy for draggy content that doesn't get to the point, and we wanted to ensure what we talked about was contemporary and immediately actionable."

For Hong Bao Media, "Simon Says" fits perfectly into their portfolio of serious business content delivered in a professional but watchable way.

"Business people want to watch valuable, substantive content that doesn't waste their time. But they also like to be entertained," said Mark Laudi.

"Our series for AC Growth Delivered embodies this style, and good on-screen chemistry helps!

"We have already had enquiries from advertising agencies looking for content as part of their clients' content marketing initiatives, and I expect this to continue," Laudi concluded.

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