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Helen Wong does well with numbers, and pulls out a surprise at the end

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Helen Wong does well with numbers, and pulls out a surprise at the end

OCBC Bank CEO Helen Wong came to her Bloomberg interview prepared.

She had a solid set of data points, which she contextualised for more accurate recall.

But the highlight was the way she deftly dealt with difficult questions, which is why we have nominated her for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2021.

Watch and read below for my assessment.


We launched the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards in 2018 to recognise local business leaders for their communications skills, and to showcase authentic and credible home-grown communicators.

Supported by the Asia Pacific Association of Communications Directors and joining us this year – the Investor Relations Professionals Association Singapore and the Public Relations and Communications Association - we highlight shining examples for other local business leaders to follow, and to build a culture of excellence in communication, to maximise the potential of Asian companies in the Asian Century.

Nominations close October 31, 2021 at

Well-prepared with data

Wong comes prepared with data, and she uses it well.

For example, the number of OCBC Premier Private Clients has increased by 50 percent, whereas those from China increased by 100 percent.

The bank has acquired Wing Hang bank in Hong Kong, which has 19 branches.

In general, spokespeople miss out on numbers too often.

Repeating numbers to ensure clarity

Moreover, she ensured the numbers were understood properly by contextualising them. For example, that Premier Private Client increase was “50 percent, five zero.”

This ensures the reporter, and viewers, do not misunderstand her and think it's 15 percent.


Her last answer was particularly noteworthy: She diverted from a question about how the delta variant of COVID would hamper economic growth to talk about her bank instead.

Addressing the uncertainty caused by the delta variant of COVID, Wong talks about protecting and continuing to serve the customer well, while being prudent.

If you know Wong, share this article with her and congratulate her on being nominated for the Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards 2021.

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