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Mashable's Asia Editor Victoria Ho was one of the speakers
Mashable's Asia Editor Victoria Ho was one of the speakers

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Just released: content marketing tips for Singapore market managers

We have released three more episodes as part of Hong Bao Media's on-going YouTube series "Media Savvy" - with five communications specialists debating how to do content marketing well in the Singapore context.

On the panel were:

  • Victoria Ho, Asia Editor, Mashable
  • Andrew Pickup, Senior Director, Communications, Microsoft Asia
  • Alan Soon, Founder & CEO / The Splice Newsroom, Co-Founder / Online News Association Singapore
  • Lau Joo-Nie, Assistant Director, Newsplex Asia & Lecturer for Journalism & Publishing, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information at Nanyang Technological University

The session was moderated by Hong Bao Media's Mark Laudi as part of the launch of MyNewsDesk's report into Journalism Trends 2016 (

See the links under "Resources" below to watch all the clip, as well as the other parts in our Media Savvy series:
* Do we still need press releases in the social media age?
* How to pitch your news story in the social media age

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Mark Laudi

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